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In most Business Applications we frequently find that the input to a System would be in the form of Xml Data Files.This is particularly true with Modules of a Project that deal with Interoperability. The validation of an Xml input File could occur at various instances of processing as mentioned below: The Concept Validation of Xml Files can be achieved through the use of various Technologies ex. Also, there are many on-line Tools available for validating an input File.Few of them are mentioned below : Microsoft's Visual Studio . Net is primarily handled by the class code present in the following namespaces : Xml Schema Validation An Xml File is generally validated for its conformance to a particular schema.

On applying XSL Transformation, the Result file contains only 1 record.

Here, book records are said to be valid only if the price (one of the fields) of a book is greater than 10.00.*/The data from could subsequently be read into a string variable and sent as a parameter to a Database Stored Procedure in which using SQLXML constructs like OPENXML( ), sp_xml_preparedocument, etc we could store the resultant records into Database Tables.

Conclusion We have currently discussed only two of the several strategies for validating the input Xml Data File.

Another possible method would be to load the complete input File in a DOM object and validating each record programmatically.

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Every method stems out from some business requirement and/or quest parameters like technology available, timeframe, volume of data etc.Taking into consideration all the relevant parameters, one has to implement the best option which could be yet another method off the beaten track.As an open standard for structured, self-describing data, XML is ideal for cross-platform, language-neutral data representation in .NET applications that cross traditional inter-organizational boundaries.

Definition A textual object is a well-formed XML document if Taken as a whole, it. The behavior of a validating XML processor is highly predictable;.… continue reading »

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XML validation can be done by checking documents against a. A valid XML document is "Well-Formed". Validating XML Document Against ISO Schematron Embedded.… continue reading »

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C non-validating and validating D none of the above. Well formed XML document means A. Hyper Test Markup Language… continue reading »

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