The new rules for love and dating

05-Nov-2018 20:25

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It’s no longer necessary for men to pick up women at their homes.

This was largely appropriate in times when women lived at home with their parents and they knew exactly who was coming to their door.

But, in today’s era of digital dating, it’s best to keep your address private—this is both one of our most important dating rules and a safety tip.

Online and mobile dating has made it possible for you to connect with more people, but it also creates a bigger pool of potential creepers.

When meeting face-to-face, April Masini, a relationship and dating advice columnist and author, suggests a rendezvous point.

“Meet him somewhere until you get to know him better,” Masini says.

“It’s perfectly good etiquette for you to meet your date for the first, second, and third dates.” “Texting is what you do to save time,” Masini says.

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Doing the Deed The "no sex on the first date" rule still applies—unless, of course, you’re only looking to hook up.

If that’s the case, don’t expect something deep and meaningful to develop from a one-night stand.

Masini says women tend to think sex is more than what it is.

“The bottom line is he was ready and you were willing,” Masini says.

“Sex doesn’t mean the same thing to men that it does to women, so don’t trick yourself into thinking that sex on the first date means he likes you.” This old—yet effective—rule gives you the chance to really get to know each other.

Take the first few dates, or even months, getting to know each other on a deeper level.

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