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Isn’t it amazing how we live in the Land of the Free, yet most of us are chained to our desks…and our debt?We’re Scot and Emily Mc Kay, and we believe life should be an adventure…one that’s lived in real-time, not just watched on TV.Scot Mc Kay has burst onto the scene in the last year or so and quickly set himself apart with a unique approach he calls "character-based".Through a combination of " deserving what you want " and decoding the opposite sex's thought process, Scot talks about how a masculine, confident man of true character and leadership skill is an authentic representation of the man the most desirable women want, obviating the need for "tricks" and "techniques".His next-generation concepts transcend mere pickup and seduction and describe a state of having 100% control over one's dating life, culminating in the ability to attract the highest quality women on Earth, effectively manage relationships and make wise decisions from a position of strength.Scot is well-known for his monumental VIRTUOSITY program, for his multiple top-ranked podcasts on i Tunes and his unique formula for online dating success--in which he objectively demonstrates how to literally dominate one's entire metro area on the dating site of your choice.He also represents a real-world example of how a man can effectively manage a successful dating life all the way to the end goal of building a long-term future with the greatest woman he has ever met.Scot Mc Kay's ultimate "proof of concept" is his wife Emily , who is his podcast co-host and a recognized dating expert in her own right.

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