Error updating group repository metadata input contained no data

22-Feb-2019 10:35

error updating group repository metadata input contained no data-29

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The easiest way is to use SSH and DD or a combination of netcat.

SSH will be a little slower due to encryption but is the most secure way (on two older systems the average clone speed is about 40-50MB/s).

This is also OS independent as it doesn't matter what the source OS is because you are literallly cloning the drive so you retain the partition table and settings.

Clone HDD using SSH and DD........libguestfs tools howto guide for managing virtual machine images To mount a partition #mount the kvmuser102821image and the /dev/sda1 partition from it to the local directory "mount" guestmount -a kvmuser102821-m /dev/sda1 mount To list partition info on the image: virt-df Filesystem ........

The solution is to run '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' and sometimes happens when upgrading VBox and the kernel modules don't get upgraded with it.

Sometimes the above doesn't work until you reboot because sometimes other unknown processes (even the file manager possibly) may be locking the old module from being unloaded.

TWRP mode does not seem to enter, instead you get the Android recovery mode with Volume up Home 1.)........

This is very annoying and also hard for web developers who want to see how things look on Android.

KeyName takes the value of the KeyName input parameter as the EC2 key pair to use. UserData is the Base64.… continue reading »

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Centos 6 requires GLIBC 2.12 however a lot of new programs you would want to compile may need a newer glibc. You can't remove the old glibc since the whole OS is.… continue reading »

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