Dating club connecticut

13-Oct-2018 22:42

Are you looking for love, but don't know where to begin?

The Connecticut shoreline love coach is available to help you develop a game plan.

Ronnie Ryan woke up on her 40th birthday and decided she was going to develop an action plan, start dating and get married. Good credentials for a woman who bills herself as "the dating coach for women over 40."After divorcing at the age of 24, Ryan dated intermittently for the next 16 years, hoping to meet the right person, but like most people, she didn't have a plan or know where to begin.

Her personal journey led to her professional career.

Blog posts on her website,, include "Understanding Men: He Texts, But Doesn't Ask Me Out" and "He Flirts With Me, So Why Doesn't He Ask Me Out?

"According to Ryan, most people develop goals and plans for their education and careers, but rarely think of employing the same intelligence or planning in their personal and love lives.

They become hung up on myths —all the good ones are taken or it's too late to meet someone — and make mistakes, including having unrealistic expectations, getting serious too fast, leaning too much on online dating. That's where Ryan comes in, coaching clients on dating etiquette and cues, safety protocols, how to step out of their comfort zone and more.

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