Dating a yemeni man

18-Sep-2018 16:34

I know Arab girls from different nationalities married Americans, Canadians, Indians, Pakistanis…etc.

However, Arab woman faces more difficulties if she wants to marry a non-Arab person.

And the reasons are: First, community: The Arab community in general is very conservative it terms of women matters like marriage and life style.

The community thinks that if an Arab girl married to a non-Arab, her children will take their father’s identity (nationality, culture, language...etc) and because many Arabs believe that their culture is the best culture, so they don’t want from the Arab girl to lose her identity by marrying someone who is non-Arab. For example, countries like Morocco, Lebanon marrying from other nationalities is very common for men and women.

While in the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen…etc), it is difficult for a woman to marry a non-Arab but it is not impossible. Second, Family: Many families will allow their son to marry a non-Arab girl while they will prevent their daughter to marry a non-Arab guy because they don’t want from their daughter to leave her family and her country and travel with another country.

Second, they might be worry for their daughter if she is going to be fine with someone who doesn’t live in their country.

Moreover, if she got divorce, who will take the children’s custody.

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However, marrying an unknown person is not religiously motivated but rather cultural.

This particular practice of marrying blindly is not necessarily the norm in all marriage proposals.

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