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[frame_right][/frame_right]On Sunday 3/21/10 Nancy Pelosi graveled the Congressional vote on the Un-Constitutional Obama Care at EST; it was thus UTC on 3/22 in London at the Prime Meridian and Midnight at Thule, Greenland.Ever wonder why the Brotherhood of Death aka Thule Society uses a Skull and Bones with 322 as its Logo? While you have it open, read Gen and Rev , it will come in handy understanding what Bushmaster .223 really means.The East Gate of Herod’s Temple had the very same Eagle used by the Nazi Party and today is used by the Mormon Church near Temple Square over State Street for the “Eagle Gate”?The Eagle is clutching a Beehive remarkably similar to the Utah Capitol Building it points to.A Mormon connection to Sandy Hook with strange behavior of Robbie Parker will become evident.In The Dark Knight the Mafia Cartel is run by Salvadore Moroni; the name is that of Angel Moroni standing atop every Mormon Temple on earth. On 12/13 “St Lucia Day”, a young girl called the “Bride of Light” (Lucifer) makes herself ready for “Sacred Marriage”; this year it coincided with a New Moon.

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Mitt Romney manages 1000’s of Hedge Fund accounts in the Cayman (Cayman means Snake) Is called “Marvelous Investments”; profits made possible through Iran-Contra Drug running, Blood Diamonds and LIBOR interest rate fixing; making sense now?Adam (Red) Lanza (Spear) became the Scapegoat for an alleged mass shooting of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary aka Strike Zone 1 on a map featured in the movie Dark Knight Rises, on the Hilal (Dec 14) in the 9th Lunar month.Ramadan was in October this year, but the Lunar Holy Day migrates on the Gregorian Calendar. On 12/16, the start of the Roman “Saturnalia”, Iraq/Afghanistan War Profiteer Diane Feinstein, Libyan war architect and 320 Prince Hall Mason Barack Obama aka Bari Malik Shabazz, NDAA 2012 architect and Senate Banking member on the LIBOR scandal Chuck Schumer and Red China State run News “Xinhua” proposed immediate, strict and meaningful gun control measures in response to the Sandy Hook shooting; 517 days to address the Fiscal Cliff and 12 years to act on the Bush era Tax Cuts and this takes 1 day?CFR/Banker Erin Burnett; Freemason, British citizen Piers Morgan; Sodomite, CIA intern Anderson Cooper; Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine with 330 Mason/NRA Idol Charelton Heston was about Handgun ammunition control); Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms; IANSA is the local arm of UNODA the UN Office for Disarmament) Director Rebecca Peters (Used a similar False Flag event in Australia to enact Gun Control 21 years ago coincident with the start of Gulf War I) all sprang into action calling for Gun Control/Confiscation in response to the events at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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